Designed for injection of chemicals (inhibitors) into steel pipelines with diameter ranging from 70 mm up to 1422 mm and with wall thickness up to 52 mm transporting liquid and gas media (including petroleum products) under pressure without any shut-down required and not resulting in any product waste.


  • easy operation and commissioning


The chemicals injection process is controlled by means of high precision shut-off valve installed in the top of the injector housing.

The injector might be equipped by one of the following nozzles:

  • FV nozzle – designed for chemicals injection inside the pipeline athwart the media flow
  • FG nozzle – designed for chemicals injection inside the pipeline in parallel to the media flow
  • needle-nozzle designed for chemicals injection inside the pipeline towards the media flow

The nozzle is equipped with special nut for prevention of its self unscrewing.

The device is also equipped with a nozzle status indicator for its convenient placement in relation to the pipeline media flow.

The injector housing has a M27x2 male thread joint for connection with the ejection unit and G1/2” female thread joint for connection with chemicals(inhibitors) injection system. Both connection joint are completely protected to prevent the device from moisture and contamination.

The nut with R1 taper pipe thread is equipped with a grounding terminal. The grounding shall be executed with a special cable (included in the scope of supply) to eliminate any static charge accumulation. The injector tightness is secured with eight PTFE sealing washers.

The device is designed with an engineering approach in mind and a feeling of ergonomics.

It is durable, reliable and easy-to-use.