Control units and status indicators for SENS valves


Applied as a valve status feedback device, which allows to obtain information about its triggering.

Data on valves status is transmitted to automated control system and emergency protection system, used for visual (local and remote) malfunction control. It also serves as a signal to carry out the necessary operations by the operators of process systems.

Valves control units BK-1E(R)-LIN are applied within SENS measurement system and allow the user to control SENS solenoid using power and signal SENS line.

Principle of operation

SENS Solenoid valves have a forced actuator controlled by built-in SFU module with built-in closing mechanism position sensor based on a solid-state relay. When the actuator is on hold (the core is fully retracted), curent flowing on the supply wires becomes pulsed; this fact is registered by the secondary devices producing light, relay and digital signals.

Application of SENS valves control units allows to reduce cable routes due to obtaining feedback signals via the supply wires of the valves, which makes feedback signals impervious to electromagnetic induces, as well as a significantly reduces overall man-hours and time on implementation of commissioning.

Functions of secondary devices providing feedback of valves status

Designation of secondary device
Functions of secondary device
Valve status indication
Valve power-off toggle switch (button)    
Relay output of valve status (250V, 6 A)                
Relay output of cable break control (250V, 6A)                        
Symistor output of valve status (~220V, 1A)                        
Valve control by supply of voltage from 3 to 30 V                        
Control / «SENS» line feedback signal                      
Control / RS-485 Modbus feedback signal                        
Explosion protection1ExdmIIBT3, -50..+60°C, IP66                          
Valves operated at ~220 V (AC)      
Valves operated at =24 V (DC)                    
DIN-rail cabinet mounting          
Wall, panel mounting