PMP-118 level gauge

Reed switch. Measurement of liquid level and temperature, calculation of volume, density and weight.


Designed for measurement of parameters of non-crystallizable media, including explosive media in tanks, and conversion of readings into digital signal based on SENS or Modbus RTU protocols during accounting and process operations.

Applied in automation systems of oil and gas, chemical, automotive, shipbuilding, water processing, municipal, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and other industries during accounting and process operations.

Main operation sites: petrol stations, tank farms, refineries and other hazardous production sites requiring application of explosion-safety equipment; transport tanks: road and railway tanks; industrial automation systems of the food and chemical industries, municipal service.


  • transmits processed values of measured parameters
  • shock-resistant housing made of aluminum alloy or corrosion-proof steel
  • explosion-proof modification
  • inverted modification for installation at tank bottom
  • easy operation and commissioning
  • transit connection
  • transport modification for mobile tanks including naval and riverine vessels
  • continuous self-testing
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)


Housing is made of powder-coated aluminum alloy AlSi7 (analogue of AlSi7Mg) with oxide fluoride electro conductive coating (housing can be manufactured of corrosion-resistant steel 12Cr18Ni9Ti (cast housing), 12Cr18Ni10Ti (welded housing) as per Customer's request). External and internal grounding clamps, single or two cable fittings. Mounting devices for various protective cable sheaths can be supplied on order. Electronic board with terminals for connection is enclosed within, they can be accessed through removable cover.

Mounting is manufactured in accordance with Customer’s’s request.

Sensing element with temperature sensors (up to 8) is installed within the guide pipe made of corrosion-resistant steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti.

The level is measured by means of float magnet impacting reed switch sensitive element in the guide pipe. The float travels along the guide together with the liquid level and causes closure of reed switches by its magnet.

The continuity of measurement with 5 mm step is reached by installation of reed switches in a row and their connection to resistors using the diagram of a resistive voltage divider with its circuits connected to the controller unit board.

The level gauge is also capable to calculate the average temperature, density, volume and weight. The instrument also provides the control signal at certain predefined figures or in case of malfunction detection.