About us

NPP SENSOR LLC was founded in town of Zarechny, Penza Region in 1992. Five engineers specializing in microelectronics technology started the activity from – development of thin-film magneto-resistive sensors in cooperation with Institute Of Metal Physics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A magnetic flaw detector for control of welded pipes joints was created on the basis of these sensors. Further activity of the enterprise had been associated with development and manufacturing of instruments and equipment for oil and gas industry.

Currently, NPP SENSOR is a large-scale steadily growing company with high production standards and over 400 qualified staff members. The enterprise has more than 30 000 m2 of productions facilities for design and manufacturing electromagnetic valves, high-precision level sensors, strain gauges, gas detectors, fire and security alarms, explosion-proof housings and junction boxes.

One of our manufacturing majors is the instruments for measurement and control of petrol products production. The enterprise was among the first Russian companies to start manufacturing digital level sensors and gauges for transport tanks.

The level sensors, in addition to the usual group of commissioning tests, are tested using vibration test rig. Apart from manufacturing of instruments, the enterprise designs and manufactures high precision solenoid and speed bottom valves for various operational conditions. Valve parts are welded using modern equipment with subsequent X-ray control of welds.

NPP Sensor is committed to use state-of-art techniques and technologies for manufacturing, testing or quality management and headed for continuous product quality improvement. Application of unique desing solutions guarantees high functionality, reliability and ergonomics.

Great attention is paid to manufacturing standards and conditions.

Engineering departments are staffed by highly qualified specialists.

Territory of NPP SENSOR LLC