SENS-PR DN(15...150)PN(16...40) normally closed solenoid valves

Normally closed. Reserve manual actuator (hand wheel). Valve disc status sensor(solid state relay). Actuator core is insulated from the working media. One-way media flow.


Designed for operation as a shut-off valve with remote and manual(reserve) actuation, intended for use on oil and gas pipelines.

Used on oil and gas storages, refineries and tank farms. Provides rapid emergency shut-off in stationary technological system operation with oil and light petroleum products. Used in commercial loading/unloading systems of railway and transport tanks, as well as in oil heating furnaces for furnace gas shut-off.

Purpose: raw and commercial oil; light petroleum products; natural gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, inert gases, fuel gas, associated oil gas with content of hydrogen sulfide not exceeding 6%; oxygen (-O2 design); hydrogen, methanol, hot water, purified vapour, et c.


  • light indicator of trim position
  • arctic modification for temperature range from -60°C
  • trim position sensor (for DN25 .. 100)
  • modification for medium temperature range up to 200°C

Additional valve disc status sensor(closed/open)

Designed for solenoid valve disc status determination (open/close).

Placed inside explosion-proof housing and connection joint equipped with terminal clamps. The actuator core is connected with valve trim disc by a stem.

Sensor control scheme is based on micro controller, that determines the position of a stem, connected with valve trim disc and emits signals via two transistors. The valve’s closing mechanism “opened” or “closed” positions corresponds with the transistor opened for current positions, the second one is closed. Valve disc status sensor diagram is given at picture.


Technical features of valve disc status sensor

Power supply features:power supply voltage, Vfrom 10 to 36
power consumption, W, not more than0.5
Relay comminication features:output typedry contact
switchable voltage (AC/DC), V, not more than60
maximal current, mA100
maximal resistance of closed contacts, Ohm2
maximal leakage current at open contacts with 60V voltage, µA4
Connection cable features:cross-section of conductors, mm²from 0.15 to 1.5
cable insulation diameter, mmfrom 5 to 12
Ambient temperature, ℃from -50 to +60
Explosion protection marking1Ex d IIC T4 Gb Х