SENS-PF valves with DN(15 .. 100)PN25

Normally closed. Normally opened. Hand-wheel. Valve disc status sensor(solid state relay). PTFE sealing One-way media flow.


Designed for operation as a shut-off valve for liquid and gas media with remote control and reserve manual actuator. Feature PTFE packing elements. Material contacting the medium: Stainless steel, PTFE.

Designed to provide safety at stationary technological systems of natural gas odouring, oil well chemicals injection and oil and gas refineries. Widely used in automated fire-extinguishing systems and pain-coating facilities as well as during manufacturing and transportation of food, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. May operate with different mildly aggressive media, not causing corrosion and not reacting with valve parts material.


  • light indicator of trim position
  • arctic modification for temperature range from -60°C