SENS-PR DN50/(15/25)PN25 valves
SENS-PR DN80/(25...40)PN25 valves

Normally closed. Valve trim disc position sensor is based on solid-state relay. One-way medium supply


Designed for operation as a shut-off device with remote electric control providing stepped adjustment of liquid and gaseous media flows in the pipelines. Has two separate fluid flow ways.

Installed to provide security in the stationary process systems for loading of railway and road tankers. Applied as component of measuring plants for dozed drain of light petroleum and oil.

Intended for use with:

  • crude and commercial oil
  • light petroleum products and others.


  • light indicator of trim position
  • arctic modification for temperature range from -60°C
  • sensor of closing mechanism end positions (for DN80)
  • modification for medium temperature range up to 200°C