SENS DN solenoid valves DN(15 ..100)PN(25 ..40)(-NO)

Normally closed / normally open. Reserve manual actuator (hand wheel). Valve trim disc position sensor is based on solid-state relay. Two-way media flow.


Designed for operation as a shut-off valve with remote and manual(reserve) actuation, intended for use on oil and gas pipelines.

Applied to provide security at stationary process systems of CNG fuel stations, modular fuel stations, gas-filling stations, gas-distributing stations and other facilities of oil and gas industry, where change of operational medium flow is possible..

Intended for use with:

  • liquefied liquefied hydrocarbon gase (LPG);
  • natural gas
  • acetylene
  • hydrogen
  • carbon dioxide
  • inert gas
  • nitrogen
  • air
  • diesel fuel
  • process water and others.


  • light indicator of trim position
  • arctic modification for temperature range from -60°C

Invention patent №2432512