General purpose

Designed for remote control of VS-5 signaling devices and switching units BK via power and signal line of “SENS ” Measurement System and provide:

  • using KN-LIN-VS button (push-button): a) turn off VS-5 signal; b) do periodical check of VS-5 signaling devices operational capability VS-5;
  • using KN-LIN-BK button (push-to-lock button) - control single or multiple BK, BPK units.

Design, principle of operation

Design: Housing of KN-LIN-VS (fig. 1) and KN-LIN-BK (fig. 2) is made of shock-proof polystyrene. VUUK-2KV-KN-LIN-VS (fig. 3) has the same functions as KN-LIN-VS buttong but has a housing made of 09Mn2Si steel. The buttons are connected to SENS power and signal line using 3-wired cable. The buttons have 2 cable entries to provide transit connection to line.
Principle of operation: KN-LIN-VS device with push-button works as follows:

  • short pressing of button turns off triggered VS-5 signaling devices;
  • long pressing of buttons turns on VS-5 signaling devices.

KN-LIN-BK device with push-to-lock buttons works as follows:

  • when button is released (LED is off) - “normal” signals are supplied to the line, that do not change state of secondary devices;
  • button is pressed (LED is one) - triggering signals for secondary devices are sent to power and signal line (signals of reaching of critical units): switching of BK units relays, turning-on of VS-5 signaling devices.

Note: Buttons are the “sensors”in SENS Measurement System.
Failure monitoring: triggering of VS signaling devices and BK relay units occurs in case of button connection failure.
Settings made during buttons configuration:

  • addresses of BK units relays VS-5 signaling devices;
  • signaling duration.

Technical parameters

Instrument designation




Power supply voltage (Up), V

4 … 15.5 (SENS Measurement system)

Consumed current, mA

12(with Up = 9V)

Ambient temperature range, С



Explosion protection marking



IEC 60529 protection degree



Климатическое исполнение по ГОСТ 15150



Overall dimensions, mm

65 х 65 х 57

124 x 123 x73

Average lifetime, years, not less