SENS-PR DN80/25PN25-DP valve
Normally closed. Valve trim disc position sensor is based on solid-state relay. One-way medium supply


Nominal diameter of large passage (DN1), mm5080
Nominal diameter of small passage (DN2), mm1525253240
Nominal pressure (PN), kgf/cm²25
Pressure difference (ΔP) for direct thrust, kgf/cm²from 0 to 25
Pressure difference (ΔP) for inverted thrust, kgf/cm²not applied 1)
Working pressure, kgf/cm²38
Closing mechanisms sealing according to GOST R 54808«A» class
Case materialsteel 10Kh18N9L
Supply voltage
~ 220 V, 50 Hz24 V (on order)
Consumed power (PF / PHold), W
300 / 10200 / 5
Operation length, %100
Activation frequency, cycle/min, not more than6
Operational media temperature, °Cfrom -50 to +80 (short-time operation up to 100)
from 5 to 200 (for «200C» design)
Ambient temperature, °Cfrom -50 (from -60 – on order) to +60
Explosion protection marking1Ex d IIC T4 Gb X, Ex (ISO/DIS 80079-36) IIC T6 Gb X; (1Ex d IIC T4 Gb X, Ex (ISO/DIS 80079-36) IIC T6...T3 Gb X - only for «200C»)
Orientation on the pipelinewith actuator of larger passage facing up ±90°
Process connectionflange design F according to GOST 33259-2015 (other – on order)
Overall dimensions, mm:A, not more than532532639639639
B, not more than283283356356356
Weight, kg, not more than2536
Full service life, years40


1) When pressure is supplied in the opposite direction, the valve will be opened