SENS-PR DN80PN40 valve with additional sensor of closing mechanism end positions
Normally closed. Reserve manual actuator (hand wheel). Valve disc status sensor(solid state relay). Actuator core is insulated from the working media. One-way media flow.


Nominal diameter (DN), mm15202532405080100100150
Effective diameter, mm15202532405080100150
Nominal pressure (PN), kgf/cm²25 (40 - on order)25
Pressure difference (ΔP) for direct thrust, kgf/cm²from 0 to 25 (from 0 to 40 – for PN40)
Pressure difference (ΔP) for inverted thrust, kgf/cm²not applied 1)
Working pressure, kgf/cm²38 (for PN25), 60 (for PN40)
Closing mechanism sealing according to GOST R 54808«A» class
Case materialsteel 10Kh18N9L
Supply voltage
~ 220 V, 50 Hz24 V (on order)
Consumed power (PF / PHold), W
300 / 10200 / 5
Operation length, %100
Activation frequency, cycle/min, not more than61
Operational media temperature, ℃from -50 to +80 (short-time operation up to 100)
from 5 to 195 - for «200C» design
Ambient temperature, ℃from -50 (from -60 - on order) to +60
Explosion protection marking1Ex d IIC T4 Gb X, Ex (ISO/DIS 80079-36) IIC T6 Gb X; (1Ex d IIC T4 Gb X, Ex (ISO/DIS 80079-36) IIC T6...T3 Gb X - only for «200C»)
Orientation on the pipelinewith actuator facing up ±90° (with actuator in horizontal position -90° – for «200C» design)
Process connectionflange design F according to GOST 33259-2015 (other – on order)
Overall dimensions, mm:A, not more than259261386386434437507507612730
B, not more than212215246246287285344344452585
Overall dimensions of "DP" modification, mm:A, not more than431431479481552552657730
B, not more than291291332330389389497585
Overall dimensions of «200C» modification, mm:A, not more than300303431431479481552552
B, not more than253257291291332330389389
Weight, kg, not more than6.5713141920323360110
Full service life, years40


1) When pressure is supplied in the opposite direction, the valve will be opened