Oil and gas stations and tank farms operators control panel


The software is designed for petroleum products loading/unloading and storage operations at oil and gas stations, refineries, tank farms and other technological systems. The software can be used on PCs with preinstalled MS Windows OS.

The software provides the joint operation of PMP-201, PMP-128, PMP-118 in the systems of commercial accounting of fuel and other liquid products,with SENS PT temperature sensors, SENS PD pressure sensors, SENS SG gas detectors in control systems of industrial objects.

Operation principle and functions;

PCs connection to SENS power and signal line is executed via special adapters (pic. 1):
 - at direct connection of LIN-RS232 or LIN-USB adapter to SENS line,
- at connection of LIN-Modem and GSM Modem adapters via GSM channels
-At connection of LIN Modem adapter or telephone modem via telephone line
Several computers connected to local network can be used. Thus, one computer with running software is a data acquisition server while others are networt clients.
SENS line connection types can be combined depending on certain connection channel use.;

The data might be read on the operator’s panel, which can be displayed as a table or as a graph.

The altering parameters graph building can be executed for any period of time, e.g. For the operator’s working shift.


Report creation might be either executed manually or automartically. Отчет может быть сформирован за любой  период времени, например за смену оператора (рис. 5).  Created report can be saved and printed.   The reports can be generated as per the types of fuel (product), per loading/unloading, et c.

When the threshold level of any monitored parameter is reached the certain WAV signal is activated. The alarm can be turned off by pressing the button at operator’s panel. This also turns off the VS-5 alarm (if applicable), used for personnel warning on the territory.

Special modes setting Установка специальных режимов работы резервуара “прием”, “отпуск”, “хранение” позволяет автоматически отслеживать нештатные ситуации, например, изменение массы продукта в режиме “хранения” (утечка, разгерметизация резервуара), увеличение массы в режимах “отпуска” и “хранения” (добавление примесей). The alarm starts signaling at emergencies.

The system setting allow to have all measurement results from all SENS devices displayed via one interface

Creation of operators list with individual passwords provide the possibility to confine the personnel responsibility during loading/unloading of products.

System adjustment is executed by the administrator with individual access password.

The data has a possibility of its back up. The back up process settings can be adjusted as per.

Attention!  SENS software can be used within a trial-period by entering a special trial-use code. Trial-use period - 11 month, после  after it the sofwware will be switched to reduced operation mode.  

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