Radiowave level sensor SENS UR1

Radiowave. Up to 20 м. SENS iterfaces, RS-485.


Designed for remote level measurement of liquid, viscous and bulk media (including explosion hazardous).

Is used in contemporary automation systems on objects of oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and municipal industries.

Main operation sites: Oil and gas stations, tank farms, refineries, starages and other automated systems in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and municipal industries.


  • non-contact measurement
  • light-weight and space-saving design
  • housing dismantling (if required) without tank depressurization
  • applicable for tanks with various nominal diameter and height of mounting flanged pipe (for design with waveguide extender)
  • simple application, commissioning and maintenance
  • controlled medium temperature is only limited by temperature of mounting flange surface inside tank, from minus 50 to plus 100 °C
  • protection against noise caused by tank design
  • simple integration into various telematics systems
  • shock-resistant housing made of aluminum alloy or corrosion-proof steel
  • explosion-proof modification
  • transit connection
  • continuous self-testing
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)

Design, principle of operation

The metal rod with reed switches (in correspondence with measured levels quantity) is placed inside the guide pipe. Board are connected serially with two wires, forming a variable resistor with resistance determined by the liquid level. When liquid level is minimal (all floats lay down the stoppers), the resistor circuit provide maximal resistance. When the liquid level rises, the floats alternatively rise and close the terminals of reed switches that shunt the resistors, thus, the total circuit resistance is decreased. The signal is converted to a digital signal by controller and then transmitted via RS-485 interface Modbus protocol. Control levels value adjustment, is executed by moving of reed switched and their stoppers along the rod. The quantity of control levels might also be altered.

The terminal clamps «2» on PMP-165 board are designed for connection of the board with reed switches, terminal clamps «3» are used for connection of sensor to power line, terminal clamps «4» are used for connection of level sensor via RS-485 interface.

Switch 5 is designed for reset to default settings. The following parameters shall be reset: Modbus address, data transfer speed, pairity mode. Switch 6 locks the possibility of these parameters altering. Terminals «1» are used as additional contacts (see. OM).

Technical parameters