Radiowave. Up to 30 m. Interfaces SENS, RS-485 (Modbus RTU), 4-20 mA (HART).


Interfaces (protocols)SENS (SENS);
RS-485 (Modbus RTU);
4-20 mA (HART)
Maximum measured distance1), mm30 000
Minimum measurable distance2), mm300
The minimum measurable level of the medium in the tank3) 4) 5), mm500 with weak signal reflection (1.8 ≤ Ɛ ≤ 4);
100 with normal signal reflection (4 < Ɛ ≤ 40);
0 for strong signal reflection (Ɛ > 40)
Limits of permissible basic error of level measurements for digital coded output signals, mm±1 (±2 - on order)
Limits of permissible basic error of converting the measured level value into a current signal for a level transmitter with a current output of 4-20 mA, % of the range of output current change±0.05
Level measurement resolution, mm0.5
Number of measurements per second, not less than1
Time to establish the operating mode, minutes, no more2
Permissible supply voltage, V7 to 50 (DC)
Reverse polarity protectionyes
Power consumption, W, no more1
Ambient temperature range, ℃-50 to +85
Operational media temperature6), ℃-50 to +80 (without insulating insert);
-50 to +190 (with insulating insert)
Working pressure, MPa, no more2.57) (without insulating insert);
0.3 (with insulating insert)
Relative permittivity of the medium Ɛ, not less than1.8
Average size of fractions (granules) of loose medium, mm, no more8
Water and dust ingress protection degree as per IEC 60529IP66
Explosion protection markingGa/Gb Ex d IIB T6...Т3 X
Group of mechanical design according to GOST 30631 in terms of resistance to mechanical external influencing factorsМ6
Operating range of radiated frequencies, GHzfrom 118 to 140
Equivalent isotropically radiated power in the operating range of radiated frequencies, W, not more than3
Width of the measuring beam, deg, no more4
Mean time between failures, h, not less than100 000
Assigned service life, years15
Weight, kg, no more17


1) From the plane of the sealing surface of the mounting device to the surface of the controlled media.

2) From the plane of the sealing surface of the mounting device to the surface of the controlled medium.

3) The minimum distance from the bottom of the tank to the surface of the controlled medium.

4) Depends on the reflectivity of the controlled medium, determined by its relative dielectric constant Ɛ.

5) If there is a separation of media or sediment in the tank, the minimum measured level is counted from them.

6) For explosion-proof design, the maximum temperature is limited by temperature class.

7) The specific value of the working pressure is determined by the type of fastening device