PMP-185 level sensor
Up to 14 monitored levels. Adjustable triggering thresholds setting.


Guide pipe length, mmfrom 100 to 6000;
from 100 to 2500 (transport or inverted modification)
Number of control levelsfrom 1 to 14
Minimal level presetting step, mm50 (one float); 110
Limits of control level setting tolerance, mm±2
Monitored media features:temperature, °Cfrom -50 to +60
pressure, MPa, not more than2.5
density, kg/m³from 500 to 1500
Ambient temperature range, °Сfrom -50 to +60
Water and dust ingress protection degree as per IEC 60529IP66
Explosion protection markingGa/Gb Еx db IIВ Т3
Power supply voltage (Up), Vfrom 5 to 15
Intake current, mA, not more than6 1)
Power consumption, mW, not more than50
Service life, years15


1) with 9 V power supply voltage