PMP-185 level sensor

Up to 14 monitored levels. Adjustable triggering thresholds setting.


Designed to control up to 14 leveols of tank infil. Sensor transmits   the measured data via digital interface and may be used in automatic control and alarmin systems:

  • overfill protection
  • automatic level support
  • minimal level control (pump “idle” work prevention)
  • double wall tanks interstitial tightness control
  • purification systems tank level control
  • premises flooding control; и др.

PMP-185 is connected to three-wire power and signal line and can be used both: separately and connected to three-wire SENS power and signal line, it might also be used with sensors of different types (pressure, temperatue etc.) and emit analogue (4-20mA) and digital (Modbus) signals.


  • simple integration into various telematics systems
  • anti-vandal housing made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel

Design, principle of operation


p>The metal rod with reed switches (in correspondence with measured levels quantity) is placed inside the guide pipe. Board are connected serially with two wires, forming a variable resistor with resistance determined by the liquid level. When liquid level is minimal (all floats lay down the stoppers), the resistor circuit provide maximal resistance. When the liquid level rises, the floats alternatively rise and close the terminals of reed switches that shunt the resistors, thus, the total circuit resistance is decreased. The level signal is converted by controller to a digital signal and transmitted via interface (SENS power and signal line). Control levels value adjustment, is executed by moving of reed switched and their stoppers along the rod. The quantity of control levels might also be altered.

Clamps on PMP-185 controller board are designed for connection of three-wire SENS power and signal line;».

Technical parameters