Signal device MS-3 for level sensors and electro contact manometers

Three-channel. Sould and light signal emission.


MS-3 signal device (pic. 1) - three-channel device, designed for operation with level sensors, signal and display manometers, vacuum meters, manovacuum meters and other signal devices, having normally closed contact terminals outputs, shunt with diodes (see section “Level sensors...with W5DNC” output” and “Electro contact manometers”).

Signal device provides the control of the following media parameters: - liquid level by 1...3 values, pressure -by 2 values. When preset threshold values are reached, signal device activates sound and light signal emission.

Signal device is a secondary unit with intrinsically safe circuit, level - «ia», for explosion hazardous mixes of category IIB.

Design and operation principle

Signal device is executed in plastic housing. Signal device has a built-in piezo alarms and a light signal unit VS-3-12V. Signal device scope of supply includes a set of stickers for connected sensors designation.
When medium control values are reached the light and sould alarms are activated. The light signal emission is executed with front panel LEDs. Sound signal emission is executed via built-in piezo alarm or via external sound and light signal unit VS-3-12V. Sound signal duration: - when control parameters are reached - 10 sec., - during the event “Emergency” - 20 sec (see. Cl. 12E “PMP. Modifications”).

MS-3 Signal device technical features


Power supply voltage, V

~220V,50 HZ


Power consumption, W, not more



Ambient air temperature range, deg., С

+5 ..+50


Explosion protection marking

[Ex ia Ga] IIB


Protection degree (MS3 and IM housing)



Communication line length «Signal device - sensor, not exceeding, м



MS-3 Overall dimensions, мм



Average lifetime, years

15 years

Detail drawing and schemes