SENS PD pressure sensors

Excessive pressure, negative pressure, pressure differential measurement.


Executes continuous measurement of excessive pressure and negative pressure in liquids, vapour or gas for automatic control and adjustment of technological processes.

Operates with the following media: air (atmospheric, compressed), nitrogen, water (hot, cold, municipal, recycling), vapour, oil, gas (natural, furnace, coke),carbohydrate condensate, petroleum products (oil, petroleum, kerosene, et c), oxygen.

Designed for installation(indoor/outdoor) in hazardous areas.


  • operation in oxygen atmosphere
  • output signal dynamic neutralization (damping)
  • simple integration into various telematics systems
  • anti-vandal housing made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel
  • explosion-proof modification
  • continuous self-testing
  • transit connection
  • wide selection of interfaces: power and signal line SENS (SENS protocol), RS-485 (Modbus RTU protocols), 4-20 mA (HART Revision 6 protocol)
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)


The housing is made in AlSi7 alloy with fluoroxide electroconductive coating and powder-coated (might be executed in stainless steel as per Costomers request). Has external and internal grounding clamps, one or two cable fittings and a connection joint M20x1,5. Can be completed with various cable protection sheaths fixture units. Electronic control block, board with connection terminals and primary converter - tensoresistive element (silicone on sapphire structure-based); the access to the board is executed via removable cover, conductor connection is executed via cable entries.

Electronic block converts data received from sensitive element to a standard digital or analog signal.

Threshold values of pressure or pressure differential (up to eight) can be set for each unit. When these values are reached the appropriate control signals are being transmitted to executive mechanisms