VUUK-PTI temperature converter

Temperature measurement range from -200 up to +850 °С.


VUUK--2(3)PTI temperature converter transmits signals from sensing element to a SENS digital signal.

The converter is designed for operation with thermal resistors in SENS measuring systems and base one temperature measurement channel. The converter might also be used in other systems of automatic monitoring, adjustment and control of technological processes in different industries.


  • simple integration into various telematics systems

Design, principle of operation

The converter is made in explosion-proof housing with cover and cable fittings. Microprocessor board with terminal clamps for sensing elements connection is placed within the housing. Converter is equipped with internal and external grounding clamps. Housing has rubber sealing for water and dust protection.

The operation principle of the converter is based on measurement of resistance according to the value of voltage drop, occuring when the electric current passes through the thermal resistor. The measurement accuracy corresponds with international standards. The temeprature data is co0nverted to a digital SENS protocol signal.