Single light emitter. Programmable model. Power voltage 12 / 24 / 220 V.


Provides light signal emission for personnel warning during emergencies.

Intended for use in indoor and outdoor explosion hazardous zones of hazardous objects, on transport vehicles and vessels. Can be applied in conditions of atmospheric precipitations and sun radiation exposure.

Design, operation principle

The housing is made is manufactured of aluminum alloy with galvanic anti-corrosive and protective varnish-and-paint coating. Cavity of housing is filled with epoxy compound. Bright LED is placed on the front panel. Cable fitting with two-wire cable is placed at the botton part of the device housing. The cable is replaceable – Screw terminal clamps are placed inside the cable entry compartment. Connection schemes are given at picture.

Nominal power voltage, LED colour, light signal mode adjustment and cable fittings sets are determined during order placement.

VS-4-P-S signal devices has four LED glowing mode (glowing, flashing with frequency of 4,2 and 0,5 Hz). Adjustment is executed with the magnet applying the certain place of the housing.

When power is switched on the LED starts flashing. VS-4-P-S light signal emission is executed in priorly preset mode