Two light emitters. Power supply voltage 12 / 24 / 220 V.


Provide light signal in order to draw personnel attention in case of emergency.

Can be applied in explosion hazardous areas of rooms and outdoor installations at hazardous manufacturing sites, transport means, ships. Can be applied in conditions of atmospheric precipitations and sun radiation exposure.

Design, principle of operation

The housing is manufactured of steel with galvanic anti-corrosive and protective varnish-and-paint coatings. Removable cover has a transparent inspection window. Electronic board with two bright LEDs is installed within the housing. The power is supplied using two wires. Power supply cable is round, with insulation diameter from 5 to 12 mm (sealed by cable fitting).

Nominal power supply voltage, LEDs glowing color, supply kit of cable fittings are specified in the purchase order.

При подаче питания светодиоды попеременно загораются.