UZA-220V transport tanks grounding device

Road tanker grounding device with loading process interlock


Road tanker grounding device UZA-220V is designed for deflection of static electricity charges during loading and unloading of combustible and flammable liquids.. The device provides continuous control of grounding circuit and light signal for permission of loading and unloading, as well as interlock of actuators in case of grounding circuit breakage.


  • simple application, commissioning and maintenance
  • explosion-proof modification

Design, operation principle

Design: the device kit includes indicator, grounding conductor and power supply unit with built-in relay. The indicator consists bright red-colored LED with 180° viewing angle and controller board, all filled with compound. Indicator mounting and electrical connection to grounding main is made using M8 pin, toothed washer and nuts from supply kit. Grounding conductor consists of two same spring contacts clamps, connected by two-wired cable. При длине проводника 6 м, 12 м или 15 м индикатор комплектуется спиральным кабелем, а при длине от 20 м до 100 м – силиконовым кабелем (длина силиконового кабеля кратна 5 м). Power supply unit in manufactured within plastic housing

Operation principle: first clamp of grounding conductor is connected to the metal part of tanker truck body or grounding main, the second one is connected to the disc contacts of indicator, which are separated by the insulation washer. At the same time, measuring of transitional resistances between contacts of grounding conductor clamps and resistance of its wires is carried out. Measured total resistance shall not exceed 100 Ohm – if it is correct, indicator LED lights up (interrupted glow), allowing operation of loading/unloading. Relay of power unit has bistable ldquo;dry” contacts. NC contacts (when grounding is available) are used for interlock of road tanker loading and unloading actuating device.