• shock-proof housing made of aluminum alloy
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)


“VUUK-KN” (hereinafter, “device”) is designed for electric circuits communication in explosion hazardous areas.


Unit housing (pic. 1)Is executed in 13Mn6 steel and has galvanic anti-corrosive resistant and protective varnish-and-paint coating. Cable entries are welded into housing. Device tightness is achieved by rubber packings. The device has two grounding clamps (internal and external). Housing mounting: two external mounting points. Used cables - round-section cables are applied. (See section “Cable fittings”). One or two button switches are place inside the unit. Cable wire are connected to the tips of micro-switches. Dimensions of the device and electric diagram are given at pic. 2.


Unit designation structure is given at pic.3.
1) There might be two or one buttons. Buttons have the following inscriptions: "PUSH" - one button, "START" and "STOP" – two buttons. The inscriptions might be altered as per customers request.
2) Cable fittings quantity might be 1 or two. Cable fittings quantity might be increased as per customers request (not exceeding 6).
3) Cable fitting diameter might be 12 or 18 mm according to the maximal external diameter of the connected cable (see section “Cable fittings”).
Notes: D12 cable fittings are used by default.
4) Cable sheaths fixture elements - see section “Cable fittings”;.

Technical features

Button switches features:
- output type – flat, width– 6,5 mm;
- insulation resistance – not less than 1000 MOhm;
- electric strength of insulation - 1250 V;
- Fixture – not applicable;
- electric contact transition resistance - not exceeding 0,1 Ohm;
- switching cycles quantity– 10 000 – 2 000 000 ( depending on connection mode);
- switch voltage:
altering voltage – 5…250V,
constant voltage – 5…36V;
- switch curent:
active load – 0,1…10A,
inductive load – 0,25…4A (direct curent),
inductive load – 0,3…2А (alternating curent);
- switch power, not exceeding:
direct curent – 144 W,
alternating curent, active load – 1500 W;
Alternating curent, inductive load – 500 W;
Explosion-proof marking - 1ExdIIBT4.
Ingress protection degree rating - IP66. Ambient temperature - (-50...+60)°С.
Overall dimensions: (120 х 125 х 79) mm
Average lifetime - 15 years.