Unit power features:nominal power supply voltage, V9
acceptable voltage, Vfrom 6 to 15
intake current, mA, not more than55
SENS protocol LAN interface features:data transfer rate, bit/s19200
bits in byte8
parity controlnot available
number of stop bits1
Insulation voltage between pins of “LAN” terminal and “LIN” clamps, V, not less500
Insulation resistance between pins of “LAN” terminal and “LIN” clamps, MΩ, not less20
Ambient temperature range, °Сfrom 0 to +50 1)
Water and dust ingress protection degree as per IEC 60529IP20
Class of human protection against electric shock as per GOST
Mass, g, not more than200
Service life, years, at least10
Maximal cross-sectional area of connectible conductors, mm², not more than1.5
Overall dimensions W x H x D, mm22.4 × 88 × 67


1) The adapter is resistive to ambient air humidity not exceeding 95±3% at temperature of 35 °C and lower without humidity condensation