Designed for connection of devices to SENS measurement system to PC via local area network or Internet.

Operates with any software, supporting SENS protocol, via virtual COM-port, that is created on PC with help of Moxa NPort free software.


  • wired and wireless connection to SENS Measuring System
  • remote configuration, diagnostics and monitoring of SENS Measuring System
  • connection to more distant control rooms and offices with software installed
  • power and signal line SENS and network interface are electrically bypassed
  • easy connection: the adapter comes with software and connection cable


Adapter is executed in shock-resistant polyamide housing. Electronic board with moisture-protection coating is placed inside the housing of the device.

TS-35 DIN-rail mounting latch is placed on the rear panel of the adapter.

SENS line connection terminal clamps are placed on the upper part of the device. «RESET» button , «LIN», «ТХ», «RX» LED indicators; RJ-45 port are placed on the front panel.

«RESET» button is designed for adapter resetting.

«LIN» indicator glows during adapter operation and shortly switches off during data acquisiton via SENS line. «TX» and «RX» indicators are flashing during data exchange process via network interface.

RJ-45 port is designed for Ethernet network connection.

Adapter powering is executed via SENS line as well.