UZA-24V transport tanks grounding device

Transport tanks grounding devices with capability to interlock the filling process and availability for SENS line connection.


UZA-24V transport tanks grounding device is intended for fire-safe and explosion-safe requirements fulfilment during fuel filling procedures at oil and gas stations, tank farms and other ralated object, providing static spark possibility elimination during procedure of tank loading/unloading with flammable or combustible liquids.amp;nbsp;д. The unit provides constant control of tank grounding circuit and light signal emission for loading/unloading operations execution as well as for executive mechanisms control.

Design, operation principle

Design:The set of supply includes indicator, grounding conductor and power supply unit со built-in relay (pic. 1). Bright red LED and a controller board, filled with epoxy compound are placed inside the indicator housing. Indicator mounting and electrical connection to grounding main is made using M8 pin, toothed washer and nuts from supply kit (fig. 2). Grounding conductor consists of two same spring contacts clamps, connected by two-wired cable. If the conductor length is 6 m, 12 m or 15 m the indicator is completed with spiral cable, а at length of  20 m up to 100 m – silicone cable (the length is multiplical to 5 м). Power supply unit is executed in a plastic housing (pic. 3).

Operation principle. Unit powering is executed from direct curent main with voltage range from 6 up to 26 V or from SENs power and signal line (nominal voltage - 9V). Grounding check principle as well as indicator and relay control principles are similar to the same of UZA-220v. Typical connection scheme is given at рис. 4. UZA-24V-LIN and UZA-24V-LIN-R device modifications might be connected to three-wire SENS power and signal line and transfer the grounding status data via SENS line, providing a possibility for further information transmission to automation control systems, providing a possibility to transfer this information to Pc or controllers using SENS or Modbus-RTU protocols RTU (pic. 5). By adjustment of power and communication units like «BK…», «BPK…» or «ВС-5» signal device it is possible to lock loading/unloading mechanisms when the grounding is missing. Comminication unit relay has the capability to switch-off the pumping station, for example, in cases when the grounding is missing (signal from UZA-24V-LIN), high control level reaching (signal from level sensor; overfill prevention), shut-off valve closing or not opening(signal from BK-1ER-LIN).