SENS SG-А2-PPK (SENS) Gas Detector

Remote measurement of under-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and vapors of petroleum products.


Designed for continuous automatic measurement of the under-explosive concentration of combustible gases and vapors, including vapors of petroleum products in surrounding common air.

Applied within modern systems for gas content control at sites of civil engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries, machine engineering and shipbuilding industries.

Main operation sites: Gas distribution stations, Gas-filling stations, Car gas-filling container stations, Petrol stations / Car gas filling stations, Container stations, Modular stations, etc.


  • optical sensor resistant to high concentrations and exposure to corrosive and toxic substances
  • explosion-proof modification
  • continuous self-testing
  • easy operation and commissioning
  • five adjustable triggering thresholds


Gas detector is made withing housing made of stainless steel, with built-in gas sensor. It has one cable gland, external grounding clamp, fixed 5-wired silicone cable of 3 meters length.

Signal of optical gas sensor, with operational principle based on infrared absorption, is converted into LEL value which is made available via digital interface.

Gas detector provides configuration of up to five threshold values of measured value; it sends information about reaching of these values via digital interfaces.

Configuration, calibration and verification of device is made using software “Configuration of sensors and secondary devices software”, electronic control unit and signaling device MS-K-500-3 (SENS).