Applied as components of SENS system for indication of relative filling of tanks, up to 8 pieces. Applied in combination with level sensors PMP-118, PMP-128, PMP-201 or PMP-185.

Operation principle

The scale is eight columns with 8 LEDs in each. The column corresponds with monitored tank (parameter), indicator in the column show its filling percentage. Modes of indicators glowing provides indication of 15 values of tank filling, in percentage of their full volume  (see fig. 3). 
Indication of PMP failure is supported.


Signaling device MS-S-8х8 is manufactured within housing made of shock-proof polystyrene. The housing  has sealing for water and dust ingress protection.  Can be fixed to wall,  into panel (modification with panel mounting frame), on DIN rail (modification for DIN rail mounting).

Signaling device MS-Ш-8x8-VZ (explosion proof) is manufactured withing sealed housing made of aluminum alloy.
Signaling device are connected with SENS power and signal line via 3 wires and have additional terminal clamps for transit connection to SENS line.


Ordering code for signaling device:
signaling device MS-S-Nх8-A-B,
N - number of LED columns (integer number within 2…8 range);
A - modification: no designation - plastic housing (fig.1); DIN - plastic housing with clamp for DIN rail mounting; VZ - metal explosion proof housing (fig.2).
B - type and kitting of cable fittings (only for «VZ»): no designation - D12 cable fittings with UKM10; UKM12 / UKBK15 / UK16 - D12 cable fittings are kitted with corresponding device cable protective sheath mounting; D18 - cable fittings D18.


Explosion protection marking

1Ex db IIB T4 Gb


Ambient temperature range, degrees C



IEC 60529 protection degree



Климатическое исполнение по ГОСТ 15150

УХЛ1** в диапазоне (-50…+60)0С


Power supply voltage (Up), V

6… 14.5


Power consumption, W



Average lifetime, years, not less