Tanks Calibration

Tanks Calibration Software


The program is designed for:
- Calibration tables downloading into the memory of level sensors;
- to check the authenticity of calibration tables by graphical method;
- for automatic calculation of calibration tables according to tank dimensions and saving this date to the memory of level sensors.
The external appearance of the software interface is shown on pic. 1.

Calibration table calculation is executed:
1) For horizontal cylindrical tanks (pic.2):
А - with flat bottom;
B - wiith eliptical bottom;
C - with spherical bottoms;
D - with taper bottom;
E - with flat and eliptical bottom;
F - with flat and spherical bottom;
G - with flat and conic bottoms;
H - with flat bottom of eliptical section;
Note: By combining of different forms of tanks it is possible to calculate the calibration tables for the multi-sectional tanks.
2) for spherical tanks;
3) for communicating vessels tank systems.
4) for inclined tanks.

Monitored levels calculation according to preset infil (or volume) percentage value or geometrical dimensions of the tank.

Saving of the calculated tables to file (Excel, Word, text).

Saving of the calibration table data to the memory of the level sensor: - calculated by the software; - accomplished as per the template (Excel or text).

Reducing of the tables with variable calibration step to the table with defined step, applicable for saving to level sensor memory.

Reading of calibration tables from the memory of level sensors.

Verification of the calibration tables according to the volumetric calibration method or experimental method. Calibration graph shall not contain areas with reduced volume. The graph areas containing mistakes are shown at picture.