Flexible magnetostrictive level sensor SENS U1-4/20мА

Flexible. Magnetostrictive. Up to 15 m. Interface 4-20мА (HART protocol).


Is used for continuous accurate measurement of liquid products level in large storage tanks during accounting and technological operations.

Is used on liquid media of low viscosity and absenсe of hard particles.

Is used on objects in oil and gas, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and municipal industries.

Can be installed on open sites in conditions of atmosphere precipitation and sun radiation in explosion hazardous zones (indoor and outdoor).


  • anti-vandal housing made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel
  • high resolution
  • measurement range up to 15 meters
  • ambient temperature from -50 to +100 °C
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)
  • explosion protection level – very high (Zone 0)


Electronic module is installed inside the housing of the level sensor The probe contains an acoustic duct made of magnetostrictive material. The acoustic duct in inserted into the fluoroplastic tube which has a winding all over its length. Signals processing unit with terminal clamp for connection of external circuits is installed inside the case of the level sensor. Level sensor has internal and external grounding clamps.

Operation principle is based on magnetostrictive effect.

The float with magnet slides along the guide pipe in accordance with liquid level. A current pulse in supplied to the probe winding, causing a magnetic field pulse along the entire length of the acoustic duct. At the location of the float with permanent magnet, an elastic deformation pulse occurs due to impact of the magnetostriction effect, it is going through the acoustic duct. The pulse reaches the end of the acoustic duct and is captured by the signals processing unit using a piezoelement. Signal processing unit measures time intervals from the moment of formation of a current pulse in the winding of the probe until receiving of elastic deformation pulse from the float. As far as the speed of elastic defirmation impulse in acoustic duct is constant this helps to determine the distance to the float, which indicated the liquid level in the tank.

Signal acquisition block emits the 4-20mA signal and operates via HART protocol.