Reed switch level sensor PMP-052 with «dry» contacts

Monitoring of up to 4 levels. Output - «dry» contact.


Designed to control availability of liquid media, including explosive ones, on predefined levels (max. four) during process operations.

Applied within modern systems for commercial accounting of petroleum products, APCS, DCS, ESDS systems at sites of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, in machine engineering and shipbuilding industries.

Installed on stationary and mobile tanks operated with pressure up to 10 MPa.


  • modification for operation with ambient temperature from -60 °C
  • explosion protection marking Ga/Gb Ex db IIB T3
  • shock-resistant housing made of aluminum alloy or corrosion-proof steel
  • various types of signal outputs
  • explosion-proof modification
  • easy operation and commissioning
  • transport modification for mobile tanks including naval and riverine vessels
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)


Housing is manufactured of powder-coated aluminum alloy AlSi7 (analogue of AlSi7Mg) with oxide fluoride electro conductive coating (housing can be manufactured of corrosion-resistant steel 12Cr18Ni9Ti (cast housing), 12Cr18N10Ti (welded housing)). External and internal grounding clamps, single or two cable fittings. Various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheaths can be supplied on order. Electronic board with terminals for connection is enclosed within, they can be accessed through the removable cover.

Mounting is manufactured in accordance with Customer’s’s request.

Reed switch contacts are installed inside the guide pipe. Floats (maximum 4) travel along the guide pipe within the confined range.

Liquid level is controlled by means of the float with built-in magnet, creating magnetic field impacting the reed-switches, connecting the output circuits when the control medium level is reached.