The enterprise develops, manufactures and certifies explosion-proof housings made of steel and aluminum alloy for electronic instruments, terminal clamps and other devices in explosion hazardous areas of rooms and outdoor sites.

Exterior view of products manufactured as per customer’s request is shown in figures 1…3.


Housings are manufactured using machining and welding. Housing made of aluminum alloy are anodized and powder-coated. Steel housings are coated with electroplated zinc and powder paint. Tightness of housings is provided by rubber sealing of the cover and cable fittings.

Technical features

Explosion protection marking of housings made of aluminum alloy - 1ExdIIBT4, steel housings - 1ExdIIBT4 or 1ExdIICT4. Water and dust ingress protection degree as per EC 60529 is IP66. Ambient temperature range is from minus 50 to +60 degrees С.


Housings can have various number of cable fittings and be equipped with inspection windows, control buttons, switches and cover holders.
Technical task for housing development shall contain:
- device purpose and operational conditions;
- input and output voltages and curents;
- short description of operation principle confirming that device has/ does not have sparking contacts and heated elements;
- overall and installation dimensions of device;
- number of cable entries;
- diameters of cables outer insulation;
- diameter of cable wires;
- number of terminal clamps;
- requirement for inspection window, its dimensions and location on the panel;
- requirement for control buttons, their location on the panel.
The housing can be equipped with DIN rails for attachment of terminal clamps or other devices, threaded mounting for PCBs and instruments.
Internal components of the housing is confirmed by Manufacturer and are described in the user manual, device configuration data sheet that is named in accordance with functions of the device (signaling device, switching unit, etc.).