Junction boxes type “KS” (referred hereinafter as boxes) are designed for installation of terminal clamps (other devices on Customer's request) in case of operation in areas with explosion hazard.

Application field - explosion hazardous areas of rooms and outdoor plants as per explosion protection marking.


Housing of boxes is made of aluminum alloy and has electroplated galvanic anti-corrosive and varnish-and-paint coating (fig. 1). Cable entries are welded into housing wall. Tightness of housings is provided by rubber sealing of cover and cable fittings. The housings have two grounding clamps (internal and external). Removable cover is fastened using hexagon head bolts. Housing mounting: four external mounting points. Round-section cables are applied. Mounting of cable wires is made using screw terminal clamps (two wires with 2 mm2 section into each clamp). Cable entries can be placed in one or two rows (fig. 2, 3).

Technical features

Explosion protection marking - 1Ex db IIB T4 Gb.
Ingress protection degree rating - IP66. Ambient temperature - (-50...+60)°С.
Maximal voltage (АС, DC), V: 300.
Maximal curent intensity, A: 10.
Климатическое исполнение: УХЛ1.


Main types and design parameters of boxes are shown in tables 1, 2.
1) Column “Type” consists main designation of box formed by enumeration of its internal parameters values “A, B, H” (рис. 2, 3).
2) Columns “D12”, “D18”, “D26” consist maximal number of corresponding cable fittings (see section “Cable fittings”), that can be placed on side walls of box.
3) “Nк “- maximal number of terminal clamps that can be placed into box.
4) “L, S” - installation dimensions of holes on the mounting plate (fig. 2, 3).
The following is specified in box designation:

  • box type;
  • number, type of cable fittings and its location at box walls;
  • number of terminal clamps.

а) “Junction box KS-100.50.58-2D12d-20”, where:
“KS-100.50.58”- type of box as per table 1,
”-2D12d” - two cable fittings, diameter 12 mm, located on “d” side (fig. 2);
“-20” - twenty terminal clamps.
б) “Junction box KS-250.200.108-2D26а-6D12d - 3D18c-40”, where:
“KS-250.200.108”- type of box type as per table 2,
”-2D26а” - two cable fittings, 26 mm diameter, located on “а” side (fig. 3);
”-6D12d” - six cable fittings, 12 mm diameter, located on “d” side;
“-3D18c” - three cable fittings, 18 mm diameter, located on “с” side;
“-40” - forty terminal clamps.
в) “Junction box KS-100.50.58-4D12аbcd-12”, where:
“КС-100.50.58”- type of box type as per table 1;
”-4D12abcd” four cable fittings, one at each of housing sides;
“-12” - twelve terminal clamps.
Note: description of location of cable fittings is not necessary. Cable fittings will be installed on lower side “d”, if not enough space - on side walls “а” and “с”, and, in the last turn, - on the upper side “b”.
Boxes can be fitted with DIN rail instead of terminal clamps (fig. 1) for attachment of terminal clamps of other types (please inform Manufacturer about required terminal clamps). Designation of modification “KS-box type - number, type of cable fittings - DIN;rdquo;.
Number of internal terminal clamps can be extended on order. Designation: “KS-...-2M” (two internal terminal clamps).