SENS SG-A3 Gas analyzer

Remote measurement of under-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and vapors of petroleum products.


Gas analyzer is designed for continuous automatic measurement of under-explosive concentration of flammable hydrocarbon gases and vapors, including vapors of petroleum, petroleum products, spirits in common air within range from 0 to 100% LEL, and signaling of concentration threshold exceeding set triggers (potential explosion hazard), as well as signaling for gas analyzer failures.

Applied within modern systems for gas content control at sites of civil engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries, machine engineering and shipbuilding industries.

Main operation sites: LNG and petroleum filling terminals, gas processing facilities, gas storage facilites, oil refineries, gas distribution stations, gas filling stations, car gas filling stations and etc.


  • pipe mounting kit that allows you to install the gas analyzer on a pipe with a diameter of 38 to 68 mm
  • protective cap against atmospheric precipitation and sun
  • optical sensor resistant to high concentrations and exposure to corrosive and toxic substances
  • continuous self-testing
  • transit connection
  • easy operation and commissioning


Gas analyzer contains of electronic control unit and optical gas sensor.

Electronic control unit housing is made of aluminum alloy AK7ch (AL9) with oxide fluoride electroconductive coating and powder paint coating. The housing has inspection window, two cable glands, exterior and internal grounding clamps. Clamps for connection and electronic unit are placed within.

Signal of optical gas sensor, with operational principle based on infrared absorption, is converted into LEL value which is made available via digital or analog interface.

Signal relays are triggered when set concentration thresholds are exceeded, failure or other events happen.

Red light indicator signals on exceeding of threshold value of LEL. Green light indicator serves for power availability indication. Yellow indicator glows in case of failure, exceeding of maximal acceptable value of LEL, unstable or poor power supply.

Configuration, calibration and verification of device is made using software “Configuration of sensors and secondary devices software”, electronic control unit and signaling device MS-K-500-3 (SENS).