Signaling device is applied within SENS Measurement System in combination with PMP-118, -128, -138, -201 level sensors for indication of tank relative filling with 1.25% interval of full volume (80 values).


  • low power consumption
  • various types of mounting devices for protective cable sheath (metal hose conduit, armored cable, pipe)

Design and operation principle

Signaling device is manufactured within housing made of aluminum alloy, filled with epoxy compound. Bar-graph of signaling device has 40 red LEDs. Default range for bar-graph is 0 … 100%; bar-graph in volume units can be supplied on Customer’s request. Signaling device can be supplied with accessories for panel mounting.
Supplied with connected 1.5 m cable (other length is available on Customer’s request). The cable can be replaced, the cable entry has screw terminal clamps inside. Selection of indication mode (”glowing column” or “glowing dot”) is made by tapping of signaling device housing with supplied magnet. The place intended for tapping is specified in user manual. The mode “glowing column” indicates 40 values, the mode “glowing dot” indicates 80 values using glowing of 2 LEDs for indication of intermediate values. Mode for  “bar-graph backlight&rdquo is supported; in poor light conditions - when entire bar-graph glows at reduced brightness and LEDs showing tank filling glow at full brightness.  
Indication of PMP failure is supported.