Designed to provide stabilized DC voltage to SENS Measurement System devices.


Principle of operation

Power unit is pulsed, it is manufactured as single-phase back-flow converter, it has electromagnetic noise filter and galvanic insulation between input and output. Output voltage is stabilized by negative feedback.

Overvoltage and pulsed noise protection is made using varistor. The unit is protected from overload and short circuit at output, as well as from overheating. The unit has a fuse with 2A nominal current in “MAINS” contacts circuit.

Design description

Manufactured within plastic housing which consists of two side parts connected with latches and face panel with transparent flip-cover. The unit is designed for installation on a DIN-rail, size type TH35-7.5, TH35-15 as per GOST R IEC 60715-2003. Metal latch for mounting on a DIN-rail is located on the rear side of the housing.

The face panel has a “CONTROL” indicator to show the operation mode of the unit. The LED glows during normal operation, flashes in case of protection triggering, not glowing in case of unit malfunction or absence of power supply voltage.

On the side surface there is an opening to access the adjustment resistor screw for output voltage setting (“Uout.”) with the notice of rotation direction for increasing (“+”) or decreasing (“-“) of the output voltage.

To connect input voltage and load, the unit is equipped with single and double group of screw terminal clamps respectively, located on the top and bottom face of the housing.