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Excessive pressure, negative pressure, pressure differential measurement.
Monitoring of up to 4 levels. Adjustable triggering levels. Output - «dry» contact.
Single light emitter. Single sound emitter. Programmable model. Power voltage 6 / 12 / 24 / 220 V.
Road tanker grounding device with loading interlock and power supply unit with explosion-proof housing
Road tanker grounding device with loading process interlock
Remote measurement of the under-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and petroleum vapors.
Shut-off valves with rotary disc closing mechanism for prevention of petrol stations tanks overflowing in accordance with requirements of the NPB 111-98* and SP 156.13130.2014.
Monoblock design. Power voltage 24 / 220 V.
One channel. Light and sound signal emission. Executive mechanisms control - 2 ralays.
Normally closed. Shut-off solenoid valves designed for pressure of up to 250 bar, intended for use with compressed natural gas, methanol, et c.