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Normally closed. Shut-off valves designed for pressure up to 25 bar and intended for use with fuel oil.
Ь(до 6-ти каналов). Light and sound signal emission. Variable. Executive machanisms control.
Two light emitters. Single sound emitter. Programmable model. Power supply voltage 6 / 12 / 24 V.
Temperature measurement from -50 up to +99 °C.
Indication (5 .. 95%) tanks filling with resolution ≈10%. Transport tank application. Self-contained power supply from built-in power source.
Reed switch. Digatal display, self-contained powering from built-in.
Control of 1 up to 4 levels in range of up to 30 meters. Output - W5DNC.
Three-channel. Sould and light signal emission.