Products Catalogue

Single light emitter. Single sound emitter. Programmable model. Power voltage 6 / 12 / 24 / 220 V.
Normally closed / normally open. Shut-off   for pressure  up to 25 bar, intended for use with mildly aggressive media.
Radiowave. Up to 20 м. SENS iterfaces, RS-485.
Normally closed. Shut-off valves designed for pressure up to 25 bar and intended for use with fuel oil.
Reed switch. Modular. Measurement of level, media interface level, temperature, density, volume and weight calculation. Measuring range - up to 25 m.
Flexible. Magnetostrictive. Up to 15 m. Interface 4-20мА (HART protocol).
Oil and gas stations and tank farms operators control panel
Up to 14 monitored levels. Adjustable triggering thresholds setting.
Remote measurement of under-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and vapors of petroleum products.
Power supply voltage 12 / 24 V.