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Waveguide reflex radar. Up to 15000 mm. 4-20 mA (HART). Measurement of liquid level.
Reed switch. Analog output: 4-20 мА. HART protocol.
Monitoring of floating roof tanks overfilling. Output - «dry» contact.
Transport tanks grounding devices with capability to interlock the filling process and availability for SENS line connection.
Remote measurement of under-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and vapors of petroleum products.
Two light emitters. Single sound emitter. Programmable model. Power supply voltage 6 / 12 / 24 V.
Indication (5 .. 95%) tanks filling with resolution ≈10%. Transport tank application. Self-contained power supply from built-in power source.
Normally closed. Shut-off solenoid valves designed for pressure of upt to 25 bar, intended for use with commercial oil, dark oil products and other liquid and viscous media.